Community is what you put into it

As I put in time and effort for my sons Cub Scout event this evening I have to reiterate how important being involved in your community.  It may sound “New Age” to some but what you get out of life is what you put into life and the intentions behind those actions.  If you do things for the greater good, the greater good comes back to you.  I’ve been reading the Claycord blog for years…when it was just a start-up blog by one guy in my community going by the name the Mayor of Claycord.  I kept going back because for some magic reason the Mayor was always in the know before the mainstream media.  The Mayor got involved, got us involved and brought us together talking (as dysfunctional as we sometimes get :-))  Now we are here to help one of our own community members, Radar, someone many of us might not have know had the Mayor not come to town.   My heart has been filled with joy to see the community come together and I ask (in my New Age hokey way :-)) to please send out good thoughts, vibes and prayers out to our Claycord friend.  Let’s not stop there.   Take the time today to ask talk to neighbor, teacher, local grocery checker, etc.  and let them know that you appreciate them as a member of your community.

To you first time visitors to my silly little blog corner community.  Welcome, I’m glad you stopped by to see what was going on in my kitchen. <3

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